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Health Spas in Winchester, Va

Among the Winchester, Virginia, health spas, Mane Attraction, Blue Ridge and The Lee Clinic stand out as the most professional. With focuses on rejuvenation, wellness and weight loss, these three clinics have manageable hours and accessible locations. As centers for relaxation and improvement, all three spas guarantee customer satisfaction.

Health Spas in Winchester, Va

Mane Attraction

Professional staff, environmentally friendly products and quality service contribute to the prestige of Mane Attraction.The spa specializes in massages, skin-care treatments, facials, body wraps and scrubs, and microdermabrasion; while the salon features hair, nails, skin, make-up, eyelash extensions, spray-on tanning and waxing services. Wellness packages, including dual treatments, regenerative therapies and full-body wraps, are gift or day-off ideas. Mane Attraction is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Mane Attraction
170 Costello Drive
(540) 667-0180

Health Spas in Winchester, Va

Blue Ridge Therapeutic Massage and Natural Body Care Center

Blue Ridge Therapeutic Massage and Natural Body Care Center offers acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy and reflexology. Ensuring the best quality in Winchester, Blue Ridge guarantees that the amount of relaxation time paid for is the amount of time received. Life skills coaching is another option, and aims to improve daily routines by teaching breathing enhancement techniques and healthy food choices and giving personalized verbal or visual feedback for individual problems, such as depression or high blood pressure.

Blue Ridge Therapeutic Massage and Natural Body Care Center
2170 S. Loudoun St.
(540) 667-5800

Health Spas in Winchester, Va

The Lee Clinic

As the motto, “Look and Feel Like Yourself Again” suggests, The Lee Clinic advocates proactive wellness. In the battles against poor nutrition, rapid aging and ubiquitous toxins, this health care center provides specialized treatments for all ages, skin types and body shapes. With a focus on healthy living, Lee Clinic also offers numerous approaches to weight loss. Its combination of both mental and physical treatments has given it a prestigious name in the spa industry.

The Lee Clinic
Suite I, 2228 Papermill Road
(540) 542-1700

10 Tricks Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions

If you are anything like me one of your New Year resolutions was to lose some weight and get healthier.

Making a weight loss resolution is the easy part. The hard part is to keep the weight loss going weeks later.

Being a busy mom taking care of family…..working…..making sure that everyone else is healthy doesn’t make it easy to stick to your weight loss resolution. It’ hard to find time for regular and healthy meals…..To fit exercise into busy schedule is a hard task.

10 Tricks Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions 1

Suddenly summer is here. The extra weight is too. We wish that we would stick to our weigh loss resolution 5 months ago.

Sounds familiar? I was there before. Year after year…… after year….. Same old story.

This year I am prepared to follow through to lose some weight and get healthier. It won’t be easy, but there are little weight loss tricks that can help along the way.

#1 Chew Gum – while cooking or baking. It will save you from eating extra 300 or more calories during the day.

#2 Buy Smaller Size Clothing – just one piece and use it to measure your progress and to keep the weight loss momentum going. After it fits buy another item one size smaller.

#3 Buy Snacks For Your Family – don’t buy your favorite snacks. Buy snacks that your family loves and you are not very fond of. They won’t be upset about the lack of snacks and you will be on your way to get healthier.

#4 Cook Bigger Meals – to avoid eating unhealthy foods every time you cook healthy soup or pot of chili make a little more and freeze it in single servings. When hunger strikes you don’t have to reach for bag of chips or plate of nachos. You can reheat your single portion meal in a snap.

10 Tricks Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions 1

#5 Use Your Time Wisely – if you spend hours every week sitting around while waiting for your children during their figure skating, hockey, soccer or other activities you can use this time for a brisk walk or power walk around the neighborhood . I am sure your children won’t mind mom getting some exercise at the same time they are.

#6 Keep Food Diary – this will help you prevent late night snacking. When you get the urge to munch after 7pm just look inside your diary and see how much calories you already consumed. It won’t stop you all the time, but in a long run it will help you to achieve your weight loss goal.

#7 Call Your Friend – if you are dying to eat something that is really bad for you and there is no way you can say no just pick up the phone and call someone. You will interrupt your thinking process and you will forget abut the craving.

10 Tricks Keeping Weight Loss Resolutions 1

#8 Drink Cold Water – if you feel hungry just gulp down a large glass of ice water. Sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger.

#9 Start Small Project – like cleaning out the junk drawer, organizing your Tupperware, cleaning out the closet will help you from boredom overeating.

#10 Load Up On Veggies – make sure most of your main meals includes vegetables. The fiber in vegetables is important for speeding up your metabolism which makes it easier to lose weight. Load up half of your plate or more with vegetables and you’re not only lose the weight , but you will get healthier and more energetic.

Valentine’s Data Crunching – Being Strategic In Love And Marketing

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. And on the web. Online dating has replaced cruising the bar for other singles, especially during the website dating ‘high season’ between Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day. For those of us who’ve dabbled in Internet dating, the anxiety of choosing the right photos and words is an all too familiar feeling in the quest to attract “the one” (or just someone. Anyone.) But Amy Webb, CEO of Webb-Media Group, threw her human instincts by the wayside to master dating sites through a data-driven approach of mathematical equations, key words and an SEO-friendly profile. She logged her story in her new book, Data, A Love Story.

Valentine’s Data Crunching – Being Strategic In Love And Marketing

Webb joined JDate and was disappointed with her initial matches. On sites like JDate, the users themselves provide data. When ineffective data is entered into the site’s “matching” algorithm, ineffective matching is put out. Ergo – online dating is the pits, spitting back incompatible mates. Webb wasn’t satisfied with the system, and instead spent a month researching data points, crunching numbers and analyzing the competition, ultimately finding a formula for the most successfully matched user profiles on the web.

Here’s what she found:

The most successful women on the site had profile pictures that showed Valentine’s Data Crunching – Being Strategic In Love And Marketing some skin, wrote short, positive bios and waited about a day to respond to messages from admirers.

“When you think about it, online dating is sort of the ultimate exercise in product marketing. Except that you are the product. So how can you leverage what you’ve got, how can you make sure you’re being seen by the most number of people?” Webb explains. “If you think of (it) as more of a catalog database … as long as you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s no different from doing a search in a library or doing a search for shoes on Zappos.”

As a frustrated online dater I can’t help but be a bit exasperated with her findings. Weren’t we taught that the right person would like us for who we Valentine’s Data Crunching – Being Strategic In Love And Marketing are? But as a brand strategist, I should have figured this out sooner. We are in an age that requires us to brand ourselves all the time, so why should it be any different in dating?

Before I landed a great job, I spent hours tweaking my resume. From format and font to titles and time frames, it never seemed quite right. But when I joined OK-Cupid, I only dedicated about 15 minutes to filling out my profile. In my (obviously) romanticized version of online dating, it would be easy to charm my potential suitors with my best photos and sparkling wit. But Webb’s story brings up a valid point – when positioning yourself for love, forget about branding for your own satisfaction. Like you would with any great product, use your data, strategize, and brand for the consumer.

The Best Mini-Vacations

Sometimes you just need to get away. You must turn off the work noise, the home noise and the everyday-life noise. A two- to four-day vacation can rejuvenate your spirit, allowing you to return to your daily life with a new outlook. Whether your soul feels called to the beach, mountains or city, there are plenty of mini-vacations to choose from.

Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Try this island for “really” getting away from things. You’ll need to fly or boat into this barrier island, located on the outer banks of North Carolina. Roam the 16 miles of natural beaches, breathing in the fresh salt air. There are plenty of lodging choices and places to eat, including takeout, restaurants and coffee houses. Stop by the Ocracoke Preservation Museum or take a show in at the Deep Water Theater. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at deep-sea fishing, take a charter boat out for a half or whole day.

San Francisco Jazz Festival, California

If it’s spring fever you are experiencing, perhaps losing yourself in some of the best jazz music the country has to offer will bring up your spirits. It’s 26 years famous. Experience the well-known names as well as the newer artists to come on the scene. Complete your mini-vacation with some city sightseeing and shopping. Don’t forget to take a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Wind Works, Tennessee

Take a hot-air balloon ride from the base of the Smoky Mountains. Your flight will begin in Sevierville, in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Float over rolling farmland with a 360-degree view. Turn around and enjoy the mountain scenery. A mini-vacation with the surprise of a balloon ride for a birthday, anniversary or location of a marriage proposal will not be forgotten. For something really special, ask about a ride on the special Little Pirate Balloon. There are great accommodations in Sevierville, from luxury hotels to campgrounds

The Tree House Cabin, Missouri

Remember the treehouse you played in as a kid? Some of the best times you ever had was roughing it for the night with a few of your best friends. Those childhood days are over, but you can bring back the same experience with a bit more comfort at the Tree House Cabin. If seclusion is what you need, spend the weekend fly fishing or hiking. Then come back to your accommodations, sit on your private deck and look at North Fork. The treehouse comes complete with an equipped kitchen, microwave and air conditioning. This mini-vacation in the Ozark Mountains will have you dreaming of a trip back to the treehouse for months to come.

The Best Christmas Vacations in the US

Christmas often brings warm visions of home and family, but it can also bring headaches. Decorating can be an expensive nightmare, and the traditional family dinner usually means more work. All of the preparation can actually cut into precious family time instead of adding to it. If the thought of a warm beach or a fun-filled ski holiday fills you with guilt, don’t let it. More people are choosing a family Christmas vacation to avoid the hassles at home. And with so many options available within the United States, the trip needn’t be expensive or time consuming. With a little planning, you can create a Christmas vacation of a lifetime that will let the whole family relax and have fun.

The Best Christmas Vacations in the US

New Traditions

If you’re reluctant to break with tradition too much, consider an area that offers a cozy holiday atmosphere. Connecticut’s Christmas Village in Torrington offers traditional events with a quaint backdrop. For a trip of a lifetime for younger children, head to Santa Claus, Indiana, where Christmas is celebrated all year round, complete with a theme park and a candy castle. Older kids might enjoy a ski trip to Colorado or Utah or, for a more budget-friendly trip, look for resorts close to home. Most will create artificial snow even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

The Best Christmas Vacations in the US

Tropical Holiday

If you can’t stand one more minute of cold and snow, try a beach resort Christmas. For the warmest weather, head as far south as you can. The Florida Keys offer events for the whole family, and San Diego, California, has an array of holiday fun including whale watching. Amusement parks in warm destinations will often offer special package deals for the holidays too. Be sure to ask about seasonal discounts and deals.

The Best Christmas Vacations in the US

Winter Adventure

The more adventurous might want to book a holiday adventure vacation. Most outdoor activities can be tailored for the winter months including biking, boating and hiking. West Virginia resorts offer canopy tours and horseback riding all year round, and many have seasonal packages. New Mexico’s mild climate and diverse climate makes it the perfect place for early winter adventures. Consider renting a cabin in or near a state or national park, and put together your own adventure tour.

Recovering Economy Drives Nonprofits To Reclaim Their Brands

Recovering Economy Drives Nonprofits To Reclaim Their Brands Nonprofits that have survived through the rough economy may be facing an uphill branding battle even while people begin returning to their former levels of charitable giving. The right messaging and marketing strategies could make all the difference in how smoothly the crest of that hill is reached.

In a time when “approximately 87% of nonprofit organizations report the decline in the U.S. economy continues to impact their operations”…it’s important to look to brand reinforcement to help refill the coffers. Yes, a good part of the blame for the current struggles nonprofits are facing can be placed on the recent recession. There’s no denying that tightening budgets and corporate downsizing inflicted a double-whammy on charitable organizations. Complicating the issue is that, even as those budgets start to loosen again, they are not doing so at the rate needed by nonprofits to gain ground after 5+ years of increased demand on their services. As society slowly climbs back to ‘the way it was’, more than half of nonprofits find their donation income at a plateau, if not lower than before the economic turnaround.

However the economy can’t be burdened with the full blame of today’s challenges for nonprofits. Ironically, some of the onus also falls on marketing and communications strategies which quite effectively kept them afloat during the economic downturn. During the hardest times, the savvy nonprofits appealed to anyone and everyone on the basis of crisis. Branding for nonprofits turned from niche to something much more general: “In these hard economic times, we are an organization in crisis… we need your support to stay in business.” Like the triage team in the E.R., people rallied for their cause and pooled resources simply to keep it ALIVE.

But now, as the economy is looking rosier, it’s getting harder for nonprofits to motivate donors with the ‘crisis’ cry. In the general consumer eye, nonprofits are businesses, too… so, as they hear reports of higher employment rates and business recovery, the crisis appeal has become a weak one. Moreover, as nonprofits relied on this for years, they got further away from the core branding on which they were founded – and succeeded in building – before the economic downturn. As the economy has recovered, many nonprofits have fallen into a bit of a branding limbo…no longer able to be the organization in crisis, but grappling for an identity without it.

Recovering Economy Drives Nonprofits To Reclaim Their Brands In order to get back on their feet, nonprofits need to remind consumers of who they are, and recover their brands. On the positive side, the strongest branding platforms, from visual identities to written positioning, are already built. Nonprofits now have to:

Refresh people’s memories.
Educate them on the ‘deficit’ the poor economy left because of increased need.
Embrace ‘newcomers’ to expand their donor base.

Finally, the biggest brand recovery bonus of all for nonprofits is the opportunity to embrace tools that were nascent around the first time they asserted their brand – that is, before the economic downturn. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Apps. As nonprofits turn the corner from the downturn, there are new ways to simultaneously recover and empower their brands. Effectively using social media platforms can distinguish an organization as the “breast cancer leader at work right here in your neighborhood every day,” or “the ballet that upholds all classical integrity while pushing boundaries”, and help them connect in a meaningful way with supporters.

Do you think that some nonprofits are better poised to come back than others? Does it make a difference whether they are a national, regional or local brand?

A Dallas, Texas Vacation Guide

A Dallas, Texas Vacation Guide

Thanks to the worldwide popularity of the old television series “Dallas” with its cliche images of unscrupulous Texas oilmen and their spoiled wives, Big D–as the city is sometimes called–has an undeserved image as brash. But Dallas is a sophisticated city with a vibrant downtown arts district, parks and lakes, old neighborhoods filled with art galleries and bistros, and legendary shopping venues that capture both the city’s sense of luxury and its Western roots. It is a mix that makes Dallas an ideal choice for a romantic getaway where couples can reconnect, relaxing in luxury, experiencing quiet moments and taking in the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Luxury Hotel Hideaways
No need to leave the luxury of your historic hotel room for an intimate breakfast or late night glass of champagne if you book a weekend romance package at the historic Adolphus, a 1912 landmark that consistently ranks as one of the best hotels in the world, or the five-star Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, a palatial haven of luxury that was once the home of a Dallas millionaire in one of the city’s richest neighborhoods.

His and Her Shopping
The legendary downtown flagship Neiman Marcus store opened in 1915 to serve the oil and banking millionaires who built Dallas and now stands as a reflection of the days when shopping was a dress-up affair, not a quick trip to the mall. Each floor is a jewel box where unique, luxurious goods are showcased in constantly changing floor displays that wow visitors as they step off the antique elevators. Specialty Texas shopping of another sort is on display nearby at Wild Bill’s Western Wear emporium where urban cowboys can shop for custom-made boots and authentic cowboy hats.

A Dallas, Texas Vacation Guide

Picnic in the Park
Pick up a basket of prepared goodies, from pasta salad to creme brulee, at EatZi’s, a very popular bakery/deli in Oak Lawn, on the northern edge of downtown, and head to the Dallas Arboretum for a quiet picnic amid the constantly changing flowerbeds–chances are you might see a wedding taking place at this serene lakeside park.

Feng Shui Afternoon
The Crow Collection of Asian Art in the downtown Dallas Arts District offers a serene retreat from worldly stress and noise with its displays of Oriental ceramics, jades, silks and paintings, evidence of the shared lifetime passion of the collectors, Dallas developer Trammell Crow and his wife.

Feng Shui Afternoon
The Crow Collection of Asian Art in the downtown Dallas Arts District offers a serene retreat from worldly stress and noise with its displays of Oriental ceramics, jades, silks and paintings, evidence of the shared lifetime passion of the collectors, Dallas developer Trammell Crow and his wife.

A Dallas, Texas Vacation Guide

Bistro Evening
The Deep Ellum district is packed with bistros, vibrant nightclubs, quiet bars and art galleries. Dallas blues bands were the first to celebrate their music here, just three blocks east of downtown, but now the sounds of salsa and rock have joined the chorus. Loft conversions of old buildings have brought hip, new life to the old neighborhood and hardly a weekend goes by without a music celebration or art festival.