CNN’s Biased Reporting Strikes Again

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First, we get a movie about a tragic event that a small group did in Utah history tied to Mormon’s on the whole. I haven’t seen the whole movie, but the trailer shows an obvious slant towards positioning all Mormons, old and new, as fanatics akin to Islamic radicals. Then we get CNN jumping on board to not only further the cause, but also tie it into Mitt Romney with further bias. They go so far as to call back to their internal poll and attempt to convince everyone that Mitt shouldn’t be voted for as a Mormon.

When will Mormon’s ever catch a break? They get it equally from the right and left wings who just can’t stand to see a good group of people without beating them down. We don’t expect to be favored in the news, but we do expect some unbiased treatment.

I’ve read up on this event, and it is a tragedy. There is a lot of persecution of the Mormons leading up to this that no doubt played into this group’s poor decision making and abominable actions, yet that still doesn’t excuse it. Do we condemn an entire religion and people based on the actions of a few that took a wrong path? Are all Catholics child abusers because of the actions of some priests? No. Are all Islamics bomb carrying radicals? No. Same applies with Mormons, so why can’t the press include some of these concepts in their coverage of such obviously biased, non-documentary creations? Because they want to believe what they are saying, so they publish it to the world as if it were true.

This kind of thing makes me sick because of the number of people that will watch it and assume it is true. Is there any doubt that the positioning of this movie and the coverage it has already and will create was timed at this point in the election process of a Mormon presidential candidate? Just keep watching for what comes next, because there is sure to be more propaganda thrown out there.


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