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  • Eco Preservation Society is actively engaged in sustainably focused programming for the purpose of wildlife conservation and reforestation. Our mission is to promote research, travel and education programs that advance environmental consciousness and facilitate public awareness with a call to action.


  • Eco Preservation Society seeks to fulfill its mission by integrating Conservation, Reforestation and Education into a single Eco Interactive experience. Central to our vision is the understanding that incorporating local communities into the realization of the Eco Interactive experience is necessary for the long-term sustainability of our organization and the realization of our goals.


  • Learn about our important conservation projects and how you can get involved and engaged in a meaningful way. For More Information: Click Here


  • Join Eco Preservation Society is working on Reforestation Projects in Costa Rica and Borneo to help save endangered species and restore lost rainforest. For More Information: Click Here

Eco Travel


  • Eco Preservation is seeking Volunteers for Reforestation and Conservation Projects in several locations on Costa Rica central pacific coast. For More Information: Click Here.


The Eco Interactive Vacation Experience is a blend of Travel, Education, Conservation and Reforestation. Through Eco Interactive you will engage in the natural world in unique and meaningful ways, providing fresh perspectives and a fulfilling experience not available through traditional vacation travel.

EPS is seeking Volunteers to assist in our Turtle Conservation Project at Costa Rica's Playa el Rey. Live, work and grow on one of Costa Rica's most secluded and lovely beaches.