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Active Conservationist Program PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 08 September 2010 19:11

The active conservationist program is for the individual that is interested in supporting specific conservation projects. Unlike other organization that direct membership revenues into their general fund, the Active Conservationist Program earmarks 80% revenues for specific projects, with just 20% going to EPS general fund for adimistration.

In a very real sense, participating active conservationist are stakeholder in the project. EPS will enrich the stakeholder experience by maintaining a social media platform that will connect stakeholders intinately to the project and to keep them informed with the progress (and set backs)  on a day to day basis.

EPS will enrich the

Each Project Sponsorship is $250 per year. Please return later for additional information.


  • Habitat Restoration at Playa el Rey Costa Rica
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at CoopeSilencio, Costa Rica
  • Turtle Conservation, Central Pacific, Costa Rica
  • Mangrove Restoration, Damas Island, Costa Rica (Coming Soon)
  • Macaw Breeding Center (Coming Soon)


The Eco Interactive Vacation Experience is a blend of Travel, Education, Conservation and Reforestation. Through Eco Interactive you will engage in the natural world in unique and meaningful ways, providing fresh perspectives and a fulfilling experience not available through traditional vacation travel.

EPS is seeking Volunteers to assist in our Turtle Conservation Project at Costa Rica's Playa el Rey. Live, work and grow on one of Costa Rica's most secluded and lovely beaches.