The Steps Of Sharpening Hair Clippers

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The use of hair clipper

The hair clipper is a specialized instrument used for smooth and style cutting of the human hair. Often called in the market by the names of electric razors, these are of either light duty or heavy duty types, based on the ranges of applications that they hold. Having similar principles as that of the scissors, these are the advanced versions of the same and offer much more accuracy and convenience to the users. This article focuses further on the best cordless hair trimmer and the various ways of sharpening them after the repeated uses.

The factors for the ideal selection

Though one can find a number of options for the hair clippers in the market, the selection of the best can ensure the desired results and hence the following factors would aid in the same:

  • The brand and make of the product that can show the overall quality features
  • The flexibility of the overall machinery such that it can be adjusted as per the different uses by the user
  • The maintenance that it requires during the entire life of the operation
  • The cost of the same such that it falls in the economic range
  • The technical specifications like battery backup, power output etc. that can prove it to be an energy-efficient choice
  • Good recommendations from the previous users

The above-mentioned are the most basic points that should be looked upon for the best cordless hair trimmer.

The steps required for the process

Whenever the hair clipper starts showing uneven cuts of hair or one needs to make more passes to make the cut in that region, it can be understood that the blades require sharpening for their proper functioning. Hence the following are the basic steps that can help in the overall purpose:

  • Removal of the blade from the clipper by loosening the screws used to attach the same and extreme care needs to be maintained in this step.
  • Brushing out of the stuck debris like hair or other dust particles by use of soft bristles to remove the same gently without further degrading the blade
  • Washing the blade in a clean solution to remove any visible rust on the same and hence render it completely clean
  • Drying of the same with any cloth or electric dryer and then testing with the appliance, since sometimes the debris cause irregular functioning.
  • In case the debris is not the cause for malfunctioning, the sharpening process needs to be initiated by either clamping it on a suitable support or holding with a magnet holder.
  • Selecting a coarse honing stone meant for only sharpening and then running the blade gently over the length of the stone, with all of the other specifications like number of runs or angle of rub
  • Reassembling the blade back to the clipper and applying of clipper oil for offering a smoothness to the run
  • Finally switching it on and allowing to run for some time for a final smooth operation

Hence, the above steps can not only help in the easy sharpening of the blades but also aid in maintaining the best cordless hair trimmer that one procures from the market.


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