The Eco Preservation Society isn't forcing one to take extreme steps, but rather encouraging each of us to take a minumum of one eco friendly step toward becoming more sustainable. If most of us take one step then as a complete, we could make a substantial difference.
Let's Save the World
The Eco Preservation Society isn't forcing one to take extreme steps, but rather encouraging each of us to take a minumum of one eco friendly step toward becoming more sustainable. If most of us take one step then as a complete, we could make a substantial difference.
The Eco Preservation Society is a membership, educational and networking organization specializing in the promotion of sustainable human action focused on achieving positive environmental effects. Our job is to market study, travel and instruction applications that advance environmental awareness and facilitate public consciousness with a call to action.
Mission Statement
The Eco Preservation Society is a membership, educational and networking organization specializing in the promotion of sustainable human action focused on achieving positive environmental effects. Our job is to market study, travel and instruction applications that advance environmental awareness and facilitate public consciousness with a call to action.
The RBCN and Moreton Bay Regional Council hosted a birdwing butterfly vine workshop earlier this month for Land for Wildlife property owners in the Moreton Bay region.

The Natura Pacific team partnered up with Matt Cecil (WPSQ) and Dr Teresa Eyre (DES) late in 2020 to produce an episode of the 'Back from the Brink' series examining the story of the greater gliders.

Thank you for supporting our Quoll Quest Christmas Appeal 2020 to save the endangered spotted-tailed quoll. Your generous donations will fund surveys in identified bushland areas between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to understand if spotted-tailed quolls still inhabit the region.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, 2020 saw good progress in the war on Australia’s fire ant invasion with the continued roll-out of the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program throughout South East Queensland.

The Final Report from Professor Graeme Samuel's independent review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act was tabled in Parliament on 28 January and is now available online.

The field survey component of the most comprehensive survey of Queensland's crocodile population in over a decade has been completed. 

QGN has continued monitoring glider populations across the Brisbane region in addition to surveying for gliders in the West Logan region with some significant early findings.

University of Queensland (UQ) student Taylor McGregor completed a three-month placement with Wildlife Queensland in 2020 as part of the Society's Student Placement Program. Read about Taylor and her experience at Wildlife Queensland. 

Wildlife Queensland Townsville Vice President, Liz Downes, is the 2020 Queensland Volunteer of the Year!

Platypus habitat in Australia has shrunk by 22 per cent in 30 years and the animal should now be listed as a nationally threatened species, according to new research led by the University of New South Wales.

As the newly elected Palaszczuk Government swings into action, it must plan to deliver a number of significant pre-election commitments for the environment,

Pollinator Link® members Jake Slinger and Michael Fox discuss how a new citizen science project will help urban residents create wildlife-friendly gardens to benefit pollinators.

This World Wildlife Conservation Day, we invite you to join us in commemorating and remembering the nearly three billion animals killed or displaced during Australia's devastating Black Summer bushfires. 

The Queensland Government has just introduced legislation to ban plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery and plates/bowls in Queensland. Subject to consultation, it will include expanded polystyrene (foam) cups and clamshell containers.

The simple part was deciding to build an outdoor kitchen... now, welcome to the fun part! Should you make investments in further storage? What about more cooling (which would go well with all the bar equipment that you can choose)? Here are some tips suggested by landscape design Columbus, Ohio.
Degree of hosting: Close company
Every great kitchen starts out with the basics! First things first: pick the star performer for you. Aiming for memorably tender steaks to flip? Consider the classic gas grill that's built-in. Will you rather smoke meat over crackling charcoal? A kamado grill or BBQ smoker can't go wrong. With a pizza oven, bring Italian crunch into your space; every time you bake flawless pies! Our checklist for outdoor kitchens expands on these principles, suiting every intent. Note that your primary attraction affects your needs for protection. Ventilation is also a great start: add an overhead vent hood and island vent panels, and note that an insulated jacket is required for any built-in grill. The grill and the island are covered from each other!
Degree of hosting: Friends & family
It is easier than you would imagine to bring your better backyard life up a notch. We call the game "Grilling and Chilling" at this stage! Enjoy hotter fire (and more sizzling steel to deal with), hold kitchen equipment within reach (but beyond sight), and enough ice to make any penguin jealous (and engineering a cunning plan to steal that ice maker). This level of design of outdoor kitchens provides greater capacity with a lot more comfort. For more ideas on what to add to your dream outdoor room, be sure to check out the BBQ kitchen checklist above!
Degree of hosting: Blowout Barbecue
You've found it for those of you who really want the finest outdoor entertainment. We're talking about more cooking, more storage, more refrigeration, and premium seating and ambience to wrap the room with outstanding luxury. It's time to pull out all the stops here. You suddenly squeeze year-round enjoyment out of your investment when you have a patio heater (one of our favorite additions to any outdoor area). To create the place to be for any televised event, add an outdoor-rated TV.
Security of kitchens
Our crazy science has told us after diligent experimentation (and too many singing eyebrows), the following: covering a fire with claustrophobic walls and a low ceiling just makes the fire angrier. On an unrelated note, when he drops by on his day off, we've learned to pat down Chef Tony for lighters. From our due diligence, learn! The first rule in the safety code is respecting kitchen clearances: mind those gaps and beat the sun!
Ventilation procedures
That's right: for as long as it takes, we'll bang this drum. Ventilation does not necessarily shield the visitors away from smoke and odor (and you, as you stand over your smoking flames). It even vents away discoloration, streaking smoke, and grease from the surfaces of your kitchen. Meanwhile, scorching heat is sucked out, incidentally, less risk of a fire hazard. As outdoor kitchen ventilation is sometimes a zoning code requirement, consult with your local property laws.
Jackets of Isolation
Several outdoor kitchen islands are made with combustible materials and have a solid grill. The problem here can already be found by those of you who recall a few science classes. These stainless steel buffers restrict the roaring heat of the rest of your kitchen investment from accessing the humble insulated jacket. They even protect the undercarriage of your grill from corrosion and weathering! Treated or not, every island needs an adequate insulated jacket, also partially constructed with flammable materials.
Containers for Change, Queensland’s container refund scheme, was introduced on 1 November 2018 to help clean up our state. The scheme aims to increase recycling rates and reduce litter by encouraging Queenslanders to exchange eligible drink containers for a 10 cent refund. As members and supporters of Wildlife Queensland know we were a strong advocate ...

Wildlife Queensland’s popular December Batty Boat Cruise is back and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the festive season with friends or family.

Wildlife Queensland’s Platypus Watch Network has been granted $26,930 from the state government to survey and document the population distribution of platypuses within the upper Dawson River and tributaries around the Taroom region.

In this one-hour webinar, Matt Cecil (Wildlife Queensland) and Dr Sean Fitzgibbon (University of Queensland) will provide a fascinating look at Queensland’s quolls, with a specific focus on the endangered spotted-tailed quoll. Learn about these amazing marsupials, their habitat and ecology, as well as the threats they face and current conservation initiatives.

In this special webinar, co-hosted by Archdiocese of Brisbane and Wildlife Queensland, resident platypus ecologist Tamielle Brunt talks about: the uniqueness and importance of platypuses threats to platypus populations in south-east Queensland platypus survey methods and findings PlatypusWatch Network – Wildlife Queensland’s community-based program what you can do to help platypuses. Download the presentation Protecting ...

Wildlife Queensland’s Quoll Seekers Network is continuing the search for the elusive spotted-tailed quoll in areas north of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and into the Mary River Catchment – and they need your help!

In the lead-up to the State general election, Wildlife Queensland provides a roundup of election policies that may impact our environment and its wildlife over the coming four years.

Wildlife Queensland has launched a new guide this World Habitat Day to help save the endangered spotted-tailed quoll.

Thank you to all members who attended the 2020 Wildlife Queensland Annual General Meeting, held on 26 September. Whilst this year’s COVID compliant event was limited to 30 attendees, we received a good representation from local branches. 

Wildlife Queensland is deeply saddened to announce the passing of environmental campaigner and Upper Dawson Branch member Adam Charles Carr Clark on Sunday, 13 September 2020.

With South Australia, the first state to ban key single-use plastic items such as straws, cutlery and beverage stirrers - it’s now urgent other states also move on this plastic pollution, the Boomerang Alliance of 52 groups said today.

Were platypuses able to ride out the drought? Find out Wildlife Queensland's 2020 eDNA survey findings for platypuses within the greater Brisbane region.

A new Queensland Glider Network research and monitoring project will help to locate and protect threatened glider species in South East Queensland.

Would you like to plant trees in the Scenic Rim as part of a wildlife corridors project to protect squirrel gliders and other native wildlife? Find out how.

Behind the cherry, birch, or maple entryways of a kitchen cabinet is the wood used to build the cabinet box—the back, sides, top, retires, and base. There are generally two alternatives for bureau box development: pressed wood and molecule board. Pressed wood is comprised of layers of wood facade stuck together, rotating the grain of the wood for soundness. Molecule load up (otherwise called furniture load up) is made of wood strands stuck and squeezed together, some of the time utilizing a shape. Every material has advantages to consider, as kitchen cabinets Cincinnati, OH explained.
Compressed wood is for the most part thought to be the better item when building cabinets. Pressed wood has prevalent development life span since it holds screws and other mechanical clasp all the more productively. It has unrivaled pliable and shearing properties (which means it opposes pulling powers and side-to-side development) and a slight bit of leeway in compressive quality (capacity to manage weight), said Paul Kiefer, BBR staff part who has 20 years of experience as a carpenter. Compressed wood likewise weighs not as much as molecule board, which can be critical when hanging huge cabinets. What's more, compressed wood holds stick joints together better than molecule board and is more impervious to imprints and scratches.
Molecule board has its own preferences, including more prominent dimensional security: it doesn't twist because of temperature vacillations and different changes in the earth. Most strikingly, molecule board costs not as much as pressed wood. Molecule board is frequently made of pieces of wood that are viewed as waste. Numerous compressed wood producers additionally make molecule board from the extras. Along these lines, molecule board is more affordable. By utilizing molecule board, one can spare somewhere in the range of 8% and 12% on the expense of cabinets, said Boston Building Resources kitchen creator Linda Lesyna. Among BBR's cabinet lines, molecule board is accessible as an alternative from Candlelight, Imperia, and Purekitchen.
A significant drawback to molecule board is its absence of dampness opposition. On the off chance that dampness is retained through the end grain, molecule board will expand—for instance, if water on the floor comes into contact with the incomplete base edge of a cabinet box. To address this expected issue, Imperia seals the finishes of all molecule board pieces with edge banding. The installer may likewise seal the base edges of bureau boxes with an unmistakable coat when introducing them. Pressed wood, however more water safe, is likewise not truly tough in ceaselessly wet conditions.
Significantly, pressed wood and molecule board can change extraordinarily in quality, making it difficult to state that one is in every case better than the other. The nature of compressed wood relies upon the quantity of handles and the thickness of the wood. Less handles are less steady, so quality compressed wood will have more employs. The quality likewise relies upon how well the handles are stuck together. Inferior quality compressed wood will have holes, making it less dependable. Pressed wood utilized for frameless cabinetry for the most part has somewhere in the range of seven and nine employs and a thickness of 3/4 of an inch, Linda said. For face-outline cabinetry, half-inch pressed wood is utilized for the sides, top, and base in light of the fact that the casing adds solidarity to the general box structure; racks are 3/4 inch compressed wood. In this way, however compressed wood is predominant when all is said in done, there are numerous situations where molecule board will perform all around ok to legitimize the cost reserve funds, says Linda.
Molecule board quality relies upon the size of the particles that make it up, the magic that binds it, and the thickness of the board. Since molecule board can be made out of a great deal of wood squander, its quality can fluctuate a lot. Littler particles improve the board quality, denser, and heavier. Probably the most ideal sort of molecule board is medium thickness fiberboard (MDF), which is high caliber, yet can be overwhelming, making it hard to hang huge cabinets. Molecule board is additionally effortlessly gouged or scratched; be that as it may, this isn't as quite a bit of an issue on the off chance that it is secured by wood facade or overlay.
Since pressed wood is better than molecule board from multiple points of view, it is generally the better decision whenever cost isn't an issue. In any case, the way that molecule board is more affordable settles on it a sensible decision by and large. In the event that the bureau is huge and going to be hung, pressed wood might be the better choice since it is lighter. In most different circumstances, molecule board will work nearly just as compressed wood. While remodeling, make certain to consider the advantages of pressed wood against the impediments of your financial plan to choose which decision is ideal.
Read the latest update on single-use plastics in Queensland, including information about the proposed ban status, BYO coffee cups under COVID-19 and proposed national mandated targets for plastic reductions and recovery.

The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland has listed the Richmond birdwing butterfly in a public vote to highlight the plight of our unique native species.

A concerning recent report by the Gold Coast Bulletin has revealed that the Gold Coast City Council supermajority resolution regarding the preservation of Black Swan Lake at Bundall on Queensland's Gold Coast has been called into question and Council is moving to infill the remaining 20 per cent of the lake.

Frogs are disappearing from our backyards for many reasons, mainly from lack of water in which to breed, the overuse of pesticides and the cultivation of gardens. Find out how you can easily and inexpensively build a frog pond in your garden and bring those croaky night sounds back.

You quit cleaning since you're depressed however then the messy house aggravates you feel even.
Challenge yourself to break this cycle and do somewhat at the present time on the off chance that you can just accomplish something little that is OK!
Rather than concentrating on what despite everything needs to complete celebrate what you can do. Here are the tips suggested by house cleaning St Louis Park.
Clean the things that will cause you to feel better first.
This is the primary zone I abandon when my degree of working is low.
Also dishes get gross the more you leave them. In the event that having your bed caused causes you to feel like a sovereign, at that point do that.
Pick something that will cause you to feel great and clean that first.
At the point when you're depressed your vitality is valuable and you need to ensure you spend it on the things that will really begin to cause you to feel better.
Compose a rundown of what should be done and afterward simply pick a couple of things and just spotlight on those things.
Do a Little
Do a smidgen. You don't need to wash the entirety of the dishes.
Start with a couple or even only one.
In some cases the hardest part is beginning.
Pick something simple from the outset.
Wipe off the kitchen counter, your work area, or separation your home into regions and clean a little piece of it at once.
Start with an edge of your room or one side of the kitchen.
In the event that you can't perfect your entire house it's OK.
At the point when you're experiencing a tough time the objective can be to complete a tad to shield everything from gaining out of power and aggravating you feel.
You won't feel along these lines everlastingly and when you are feeling better you can handle a greater amount of the cleaning.
Make a Schedule
Make a rundown of what you have to complete and afterward split it consistently.
Ensure you are being practical about the amount you can anticipate that yourself should complete.
Plan the things you totally need to do every week and do your best adhere to your timetable.
Try not to Be Hard on Yourself
In the event that you haven't cleaned in a month don't hope to clean the entire house at a time.
You'll presumably need to do little lumps however that is OK.
Try not to contrast yourself with what others can do or even contrast how your home is currently with how it was the point at which you weren't depressed.
Not every person is overseeing psychological wellness issues.
You are managing something troublesome and it makes life hard once in a while, simply do as well as can be expected.
Pounding yourself is just going to aggravate you feel and make it considerably more hard to clean.
Use Affirmations and Mantras
Pick a confirmation and give saying it a shot boisterous or recording it.
Hold it in your brain and use it to invigorate you and vitality.
Attestations can assist you with supplanting the negative contemplations in your mind with positive ones.
Your inner mind can't differentiate between somebody directing mean sentiments toward you or your own psyche disclosing to you negative things.
All it hears is a voice saying "you are futile" or whatever it is.
You need to take care of your psyche mind positive considerations and that is the place saying insistences can help.
Pick a not many that impact you and state them for the duration of the day.
Siphon the Jams
Play music that will set you feeling great.
Google Play has a radio broadcast for truly any state of mind you're in.
They even have a clean the house radio broadcast.
Putting on music can help raise your state of mind so you can do a few the assignments on your undertaking list.
Concentrate on what you've achieved rather than what is left to do.
Any piece of progress can be a success. Simply do a tad and afterward rest or accomplish more in case you're ready.
Remember you're accomplishing something hard and you're solid. Getting down on yourself won't resist anything.
Concentrating on progress is the way to cleaning when depressed.
After you carry out a responsibility or two prize yourself with a TV show or your preferred bite.
Try not to anticipate that yourself should clean the entire house and commend any little triumph that you have.
This year, give yourself the endowment of not giving a cranberry what anyone thinks. About anything: how clean your home is or whether you have enough space at the table; about how flawless your tree is, or blemished your family is; or if the supper you're going to sweat over for quite a long time is magazine-spread excellent, or, to be perfectly honest, even such great. Here's the reason: no one wants to think about it. Solidified piecrust, eggnog from the container, or knotty potatoes, it's no different to the greater part of them. Concerning the couple of highbrow appointed authorities throughout your life, envision them taking a long, running hop off a wharf. As a matter of fact envision it. Continue reading researched by maid service Brookline, MA.
In the event that you can simply relinquish desires, and accomplish such a self-sympathy, you will have not just disposed of the yearly depletion, dissatisfaction and disdain for the most part connected with the special seasons, you may really have a fabulous time. What's more, odds are in case you're cheerful and loose, every other person will have a ball more, as well. So do everybody a strong. Take every one of your considerations and stresses, put them in a case, tie a major bow around it, and throw it up the stack.
Tips for making hosting your holiday dinner easier.
Request HELP! This is the greatest one (see above) however maybe the hardest for a few. In case you're similar to me you simply feel like you have to do everything, simply don't. Request that everybody bring a side dish. Outrageous! Or on the other hand have everybody come an hour ahead of schedule and agent each work they're fit to. That implies everyone, even Grandpa and your significant other's chief. There's a lot of time for football when everybody's in food trance like state, and they'll appreciate the supper more on the off chance that they helped make it!
Shopping for food goes restraint crazy the week prior to a significant occasion, so request everything admirably ahead of time, and either have it conveyed or send another person to make the runs: liquor and blenders, the butcher, blossoms, durable goods. You may require two conveyances — one for directly before the enormous day, yet put the request in now, or hold the conveyance opening before they're gone. Self-sympathy implies doing whatever it takes not to compromise on charges and tips. Hey now Scrooge McDuck, this is no an ideal opportunity for penny squeezing.
Begin purging out your cooler and cooler at this point. Else you're going to utilize every last bit of room and have no space to cool the wine, or refrigerate the additional two pastries that appeared. I likewise clear my counters for the afternoon so at time to take care of business I'm not turning around and around searching for a spot to cut or prepare the serving of mixed greens.
Try not to attempt to make everything without any preparation. Clearly, isn't that so? In any case, go above and beyond and plan your menu around certain alternate ways whether it's pre-slashed garlic, a hors d'oevres that utilizations arranged food like these Sausage Puffs or these Salted Pistachio Crusted Cream Cheese Ball with Saltines, or a bread shop purchased dessert. Nobody will consider less you.
Follow your delight. By all methods prepare your heart out if that is the thing that satisfies you. Yet, for the wellbeing of heaven do it now and not the prior night. Make your morning meal sweetbreads and freeze them, or freeze unbaked scones since you fly in the broiler that morning. Sugar treats you can heat and ice later, or simply cut and prepare treat batter. In addition, end with a readied ahead of time yet executioner dessert, and practically whatever else that turned out badly with the feast will be overlooked.
Set the table the day preceding (or much prior) when you have a reasonable head and aren't hurried. Additionally, choose your platters, bowls and serving utensils so without giving it much thought you can simply bark orders at your flunkies.
Self-administration is the best approach. Set up a refreshment bar and let visitors serve themselves for the remainder of the day. Rather than sprucing up everybody's beverage independently, you can just re-stock the table occasionally. What's more, consider buffet style administration in the event that you have an enormous group. It just keeps things streaming, and you'll be hopping up from the table less.
This takes recycled shards and lumps of glass and sets them in a tar or a solid or porcelain blend to make an exceptional looking countertop, ideal for your kitchen or washroom. The assembling procedure is like that of built quartz countertops.
Most recycled glass countertops are comprised of around 80% recycled glass. A more uncommon technique is to make a strong surface countertop utilizing recycled glass, as opposed to suspending glass contributes a pitch. Countertops Pittsburgh, PA will give here the portion of the advantages and disadvantages of picking recycled glass countertops for your home.
The experts of recycled glass countertops
One of the principle reasons why recycled glass countertops are expanding in fame is on the grounds that they are eco-accommodating. Reusing utilized glass diminishes the measure of waste and effectively utilizes it. It likewise makes an extraordinary tasteful, equaling the style and presence of common stone countertops like rock and marble. recycled glass countertops can be made in for all intents and purposes each shading conceivable, and every one is one of a kind.
recycled glass countertops are likewise non-permeable, which means you don't need to stress over stains, despite the fact that glass countertops set in solid will at present need fixing. These surfaces are exceptionally extreme and solid, which means they're amazingly impervious to warmth and scratches. Furthermore, the smooth, non-permeable surface is likewise simple to clean.
The cons of recycled glass countertops
recycled glass is definitely not a minimal effort option in contrast to common stone. It is commonly a comparative cost to stone countertops, are can be marginally more costly. When planning your glass countertops, you might be marginally constrained on which edge profiles you can pick. Profiles with a more slender edge accompany the hazard that the chips of glass are bound to come misfortune and sever. This can be fixed, in any case.
Step by step instructions to Clean
The most ideal approach to clean a recycled glass surface is basically to wipe with a moist fabric or wipe. You can clean with warm water blended in with a modest quantity of mellow cleanser as regularly as important to keep up a perfect surface.
Things Not to Use
Never utilize unforgiving synthetics or rough materials. This incorporates paint removers, Comet, clean remover, latrine or stove cleaners. These items can harm the countertop. It is likewise suggested that you clean recycled glass with low-causticity cleaners and utilize a cutting board when managing food that has citrus extract, for example lemons. Quest our cleaning tips for elective cleaning alternatives for your countertops and different regions around your home.
Step by step instructions to Remove Grease
Evacuate oil effectively with a degreasing item. Pick one that is alright for recycled glass. Shower the degreaser on the outside of the countertop and utilize a perfect fabric to wipe the oil away.
It's anything but difficult to keep up on cleanings. All that is required are speedy day by day wipe-downs with purifying wipes or warm foamy water. Spot perfect varying. In the event that a spill occurs, promptly wipe up the spot and clean with sudsy water.

The Queensland Government has introduced changes to the subordinate regulations of the Nature Conservation Act 1992, effective from 22 August 2020.

The post Changes to NCA Regulations appeared first on Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland.

Environmental issues across South-East Queensland are the topic of films entered in the Cicada Film Festival (CFF) – a short film competition that is helping youth to be heard.

The post Youth urged to make a film and make a difference appeared first on Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland.

Wildlife Queensland’s Quoll Seekers Network (QSN) has completed its latest round of detection dog surveys to establish the existence of the spotted-tailed quoll in the Logan region.

The post Hunt for endangered spotted-tailed quoll in Logan appeared first on Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland.

Wildlife Queensland Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Branch has launched a parliamentary petition to counter Queensland Air Museum's petition to expand their facility into Isabel Jordan Bushland Reserve.

The post WPSQ opposes QAM expansion into Isabel Jordan Bushland Reserve appeared first on Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about our amazing gliding possums (gliders), their habitat and the main threats to glider populations. You’ll also find out how Wildlife Queensland and its dedicated Queensland Glider Network are working to support glider populations through a range of conservation projects and education initiatives - and how you can help.

The post Glorious Gliders webinar appeared first on Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland.

The Queensland Government tabled legislation yesterday, 15 July, to ban plastic takeaway straws, stirrers, cutlery, plates and bowls. The legislation will now go to a Parliamentary Committee for review and should be passed into law in the next few months.

The post Queensland introduces plastic ban into Parliament appeared first on Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland.

Laws set up to protect unique species and habitats are ineffective, according to a major review of the national environmental framework.

The post Review of EPBC Act recommends sweeping changes appeared first on Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland.

Wildlife Queensland's Quoll Seekers Network recently completed a three-month infra-red camera monitoring project looking for spotted-tailed quoll at Mt Perry in the Flinders Peak region, South-East Queensland.

The post The quest continues: Quoll seeking camera monitoring findings appeared first on Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland.

Two new plant species have recently been described and recognised as part of the established native flora of Queensland.

The post New plant species discoveries appeared first on Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland.

Join the challenge ... choose to refuse single-use plastic this Plastic Free July!

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The Queensland Government’s Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program is continuing throughout South East Queensland. Find out how you can report suspect fire ants and help rid Queensland of this introduced pest.

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Find out how the non-profit Pollinator Link® project is helping to bring the bush to city backyards with simple DIY projects delivering water, food and shelter for wildlife. 

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