The Eco Preservation Society isn't forcing one to take extreme steps, but rather encouraging each of us to take a minumum of one eco friendly step toward becoming more sustainable. If most of us take one step then as a complete, we could make a substantial difference.
Let's Save the World
The Eco Preservation Society isn't forcing one to take extreme steps, but rather encouraging each of us to take a minumum of one eco friendly step toward becoming more sustainable. If most of us take one step then as a complete, we could make a substantial difference.
The Eco Preservation Society is a membership, educational and networking organization specializing in the promotion of sustainable human action focused on achieving positive environmental effects. Our job is to market study, travel and instruction applications that advance environmental awareness and facilitate public consciousness with a call to action.
Mission Statement
The Eco Preservation Society is a membership, educational and networking organization specializing in the promotion of sustainable human action focused on achieving positive environmental effects. Our job is to market study, travel and instruction applications that advance environmental awareness and facilitate public consciousness with a call to action.
Australia’s environment ministers will meet on 8 November to decide the future of recycling in Australia and discuss urgent action on plastic pollution. Wildlife Queensland sent a letter of recommendations to Minister Enoch.

Passengers had a spooky fun time and got to meet Olive, an adorable 15-day-old orphaned black flying-fox on the Batty Boat Halloween Cruise on 27 October 2019.

Want to be part of an Animal Ethics Committee at the University of Queensland? Here's how.

Find out if the government's current 10-year eradication plan is working.

Support the Australian Marine Conservation Society in their efforts to stop the culling of sharks in the Great Barrier Reef.

Help stop the destruction of Australia’s forests and bushlands ‒ and save the wildlife that call them home.

Wildlife Queensland’s popular December Batty Boat Cruise is back and it’s the perfect way to celebrate the festive season with friends or family.

Wildlife Queensland's Queensland Glider Network has been awarded funding under the Moreton Bay Regional Council community grants program to help protect greater gliders in the Moreton Bay Region.

Wildlife Queensland has been granted funding from the state government to save the endangered spotted-tailed quoll in South Eastern Queensland.

Conservation status and taxonomic changes were recently made to a number of Queensland flora species. Find out more.

Wildlife Queensland's BTRW project camera monitoring surveys have been running for 45 days and are showing some interesting activity patterns of wallabies at our study site.

17 September 2019   Image © Krizjohn Rosales / Pexels Next to plastic bags and containers, plastic bottle tops are one of the top polluters of the oceans and environment. They create microbeads which enter the food chain and pollute our beaches. Not-for-profit organisation Envision has developed an innovative use for discarded bottle tops that helps ...

Keep your little wildlife lovers happy and active these spring school holidays with our comprehensive list of nature/wildlife activities and events.

Practicing environmental safety with your family unit items is gainful for various reasons. Above all else, by removing unsafe poisons of your cleaning schedule, it lessens your family's introduction to potential wellbeing dangers. For example, your sustenance won't get follow measures of synthetic concoctions from the kitchen counter, your hands won't ingest synthetics through surface contact, and you won't take in the brutal exhaust. It's likewise better for the earth and generally speaking air quality. In addition, much of the time, nontoxic cleaning items are really less expensive.
House cleaning Stow, MA explored on the best natural all-purpose sprays, toilet bowl cleaners, dishwasher gels, degreasers, floor cleaners, and then some
A Natural All-Purpose Cleaner Reviewers Swear By
Many individuals stress that characteristic, universally handy cleaners aren't as successful as items that utilization synthetic substances, however with a sponsorship of in excess of 980 positive surveys on Amazon, you can be sure that Methods All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner packs a similar cleaning power as it's less eco-accommodating contenders. Furthermore, it's not simply the fixings you can like, the jug is biodegradable and the organization doesn't test on creatures.
A Formula That Is Gentle On Your Skin, But Tough On Grease
This nontoxic degreaser is dissolvable free, phosphate free, biodegradable, smelling salts free, and comes in recyclable bundling. That shouts green to me! The cleaner can be showered on stovetops, cooktop hoods, microwaves, sinks, and more to dispose of gross kitchen oil. The ground-breaking recipe can slice through the most exceedingly awful oil development and leave your kitchen looking and smelling new. It comes in unscented, thyme with fig leaf, tangerine with lemongrass, and red pear with magnolia.
Normally Clean And Deodorize Your Toilet
Certainly, you may believe your can to be the dirtiest thing in your home, however that doesn't mean you need a latrine bowl cleaner made with brutal synthetic substances for it to be perfect. Leave your can bowl shining with an item that is made with plant extricates. They have antibacterial properties so your can will be spotless and germ free with no dangerous vapor. It freshens up with a characteristic mint aroma.
A Safe Surface Cleaner That Can Do It All
I think this audit says everything: "This stuff is incredible. I simply utilized it to clean my whole house and it performed very well on everything from tile, glass, treated steel, chrome, wood, cover, PC screens, TV's, metal, plastic, baseboards, dividers and so on, it cleaned it." The plant-based universally handy cleaning splash (it has a trace of green tea, lime, and some water) can clean anything. It's the ideal item to hold under the kitchen sink for when you need it.
A Daily Shower Spray So You Don't Have To Scrub It Later
Splashing down your shower once a day can spare you from going through hours cleaning it later. This non-lethal day by day shower splash by Method disintegrates recolors and ensures your dividers, draperies, and shower entryways from cleanser filth. It's delicate to the point that you can simply splash it and leave it there until your next shower. One energetic commentator stated, "I can't accept how well this stuff functions. I used to need to clean the glass parcel to my shower like clockwork to get the mineral stores and cleanser off of it. I utilize this each other shower all things considered, and the glass has been immaculate for quite a long time."
A Floor Clean With A Powerful But Safe Formula
This infant safe cleaning recipe isn't only for unseasoned parents. In case you're worried about the cruel synthetic substances found in such a significant number of family items, this arrangement is an extraordinary option. Just blend the plant-based floor arrangement with water and mop like you typically would. Clients concur that it doesn't smell hostile and is an invigorating option in contrast to substance loaded cleaners.
A Deep Cleaning Dishwasher Gel For Safe And Streak-Free Plates
When you're searching for a dishwasher gel, you need one that cleans your dishes, yet additionally leaves them without streak. One client stated, "Better Life Dishwasher Gel has no smell, doesn't deliver any hostile vapor while the dishwasher is running...Your mileage may shift, however our glasses turn out clear, plates have no film abandoned, flatware has no sustenance particles on them, and silicone and plastic things have no leftover cleanser."
University students Stan and Jessica discuss what it was like to be a part of Wildlife Queensland's Student Placement Program.

Subscribe to Wildlife Australia between 25 August – 1 September and receive a FREE Batty Boat Cruise family voucher (2 adults + 3 kids) worth $100*! T&Cs apply.

Cleaning products are necessary for maintaining attractive and healthful Conditions in the home and workplace. In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits of cleansing, the removal of allergens, dust, and infectious agents is vital to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. But cleaning products can present several health and ecological concerns. They may contain chemicals related to skin, eye, or respiratory irritation, or other individual health issues. Moreover, the concentrated forms of a few industrial cleaning products are categorized as hazardous, creating potential handling, storage, and disposal problems for consumers. Reducing the human health and ecological concerns is a significant incentive for executing an EPP cleaning products program. A number of the recommendations in maid service Annapolis guide are based on the fundamental pollution prevention principles of reducing the quantity and hazards of materials used.
NOTE: The following dialogue primarily addresses hazards associated with The real risks from these substances at normal exposure levels tend to be uncertain, and in many cases are most likely low. Regardless of the expected risk amounts, however, reducing the intrinsic danger of a product is a desired pollution prevention objective as part of decisions which also take into consideration other important product characteristics.
Cleaning products are introduced to the surroundings during Normal usage through evaporation of volatile elements and rinsing down the drain of residual product from stripped surfaces, sponges, etc.. Janitorial staff and others who perform cleaning can be exposed to concentrated cleaning solutions. However, good training and application of a Chemical Management System (a set of proper processes to ensure appropriate storage, handling, and usage ) can considerably minimize or protect against exposure to concentrated cleaning product during handling and use.
Certain ingredients in cleaning products may pose hazard Concerns to vulnerable populations (e.g., skin and eye irritation in workers) or toxicity to aquatic species in waters getting inadequately treated wastes (note that standard sewage treatment effectively reduces or eliminates most cleaning product components ). For example, alkylphenol ethoxylates, a frequent surfactant ingredient in cleansers, have been demonstrated in laboratory studies to function as an"endocrine disrupter," causing adverse reproductive effects of the types seen in wildlife exposed to polluted oceans.
Ingredients containing phosphorus or nitrogen can These donations, however, are typically small in comparison to other point and non-point sources.
Affect indoor air quality and also contribute to smog formation in outdoor air.
Benefits of Buying Green
Selecting less hazardous products that have favorable
Buying cleaners in concentrates with proper treatment protects, and reusable, decreased, or recyclable packaging, reduces packaging waste and transportation energy.
Purchasing less hazardous cleaners may reduce costs when it takes time to dispose of any leftover cleaners.
Are you ready to make #plasticfreejuly become your #plasticfreeeveryday? Here’s how our Plastic Free July Competition winners are reducing plastic waste and inspiring others to do the same.

Wildlife Queensland's PlatypusWatch has been conducting observational and eDNA surveys in the greater Brisbane region over the past 4 years to gather much-needed platypus distribution and abundance data.

Book your Early Bird tickets to the WPSQ Annual Dinner 2019 by 31 August and go into the draw to WIN a Dymocks voucher worth $100!

Meet Prof Mike Archer AM at Wildlife Queensland’s Annual Dinner! Wildlife Queensland is continuing to inspire and excite our friends, members and supporters with yet another amazing speaker at our 2019 annual dinner. Mike Archer is Professor of Palaeobiology at the University of New South Wales and is perhaps best known for leading research into ...

Early Bird Ticket Prize Draw TERMS AND CONDITIONS GENERAL Information on how to enter, dates and prizes as set out in the Schedule form part of the Terms and Conditions of Entry (Terms and Conditions) for each competition conducted under the Blanket (each a Competition). Entry into this Competition deems acceptance of these Terms and ...

Wildlife Queensland’s partner, The Boomerang Alliance, has released a comprehensive Plastic Free Council Event Guide to provide councils with advice on how to reduce plastic use as part of tackling plastic pollution.

Wildlife Queensland recently visited the Ramada Resort Kooralbyn Valley to learn about the surrounding bushland and determine if the site could play a role in the Scenic Rim Branch glider corridor project.

A BIG thank you to all our amazing members and supporters. It's because of your generosity that we're able to continue our vital work for wildlife.

Find out what the Quoll Seekers team has been up to and meet wildlife detection dog team, Carnarvon Canines.

1 July 2019 marks the one-year anniversary of the ban on single-use lightweight plastic bags in Queensland, the start of the state government's waste levy and Plastic Free July.

As a B-Corp certified company committed to building a more sustainable world, RTS is dedicated to providing innovative waste management services that facilitate proper recycling. However, greenwashing and fraudulent recycling practices are, sadly, part of an industry that is struggling to keep up with demand. Here we look at some of those issues and how […]

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The environment is being dramatically affected due to climate change. It’s causing glaciers to shrink, ice on rivers to break up earlier than it should, animals to relocate and trees to flower sooner. It’s predicted by scientists that, because of greenhouse gases, global temperatures will continue to rise for several decades. But, how can we […]

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WPSQ’s projects team has been spending time in the bushland and hilltops of the Flinders-Goolman Conservation Estate and surrounding private properties, in search of two of Queensland’s threatened species – the brush-tailed rock wallaby and spotted-tailed quoll.

Environmental harm and threats to our wildlife can occur at different scales and appropriate control or enforcement can involve different levels of government ‒ Commonwealth, State or Local. At times action is required at the national level, in other situations at the state level and very frequently at the local or regional level. Members taking ...

The Australian Institute of Marine Science has released its annual report for 2018/19 on the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Brisbane’s conservation areas and nature reserves could soon be at risk of legal use by mountain biking and the predicable risk of illegal track creation.

While our iconic fauna features prominently in discussions about Australia’s extinction crisis, threatened plant species have not received the same focus.

The Guardian has reported about the fact that while pristine rainforests are essential for wildlife and humans, we're losing them just as fast as ever. Apparently literally millions of hectares of pristine tropical rainforest were lost to deforestation during 2018, as revealed by a new satellite analysis, and it looks like beef, chocolate and palm […]

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According to The Independent, a number of teeny, tiny toads discovered deep in the Brazilian rainforest are very unusual indeed… they actually have fluorescent skeletons, bones that glow in the dark, and the glow might help them communicate with each other. Meet the new toads on the block – Pumpkin Toadlets The new kids on […]

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It was just like something from a novel. When the vast carcass of a juvenile Humpback whale was found washed up inland in a remote mangrove swamp, fifty feet from the vast mouth of the Amazon river, it was a complete mystery. It's strange that a humpback whale was on the north coast of Brazil […]

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Becoming an eco-friendly company that focuses on sustainability could have a beneficial impact on your bottom-line in the coming years. In addition to reducing your overhead costs, transitioning to environmentally sustainable practices could also attract new clientele. Those are just a few of the reasons why so many constructions companies are now going green.  Save Costs […]

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What can you do when a magical place several thousands of miles away runs into trouble? You buy a chunk of it to conserve. Or that's what the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh is planning to do. A daring rescue plan to save 5000-year-old trees Apparently some of the world’s oldest trees might just be […]

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Environmentalism has become much more than a trend, and has grown into a worldwide movement in recent decades. From the commercial sector and the benefits it brings to businesses, all the way to the residential realm where mindful homeowners are thinking of new way to cut energy consumption, eco-friendliness has become an inextricable part of […]

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As reported by the Psmag website, it looks like we'll lose one of the planet's biggest remaining rainforests by the year 2100. It's the unbelievably precious Congo Basin rainforest, and between the years 2000 and 2014 it lost an area bigger than Bangladesh. Africa's Congo Basin is home to the world's second-largest rainforest. But if deforestation […]

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The government has outlined its proposed approach to building a lower-carbon future for the whole of the UK with the release of its Clean Growth Strategy. It’s also part of their commitment to bring down greenhouse gas emissions throughout the nation. You can click here to read the entire document, which was put together by […]

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